Postpartum Doula Packages: New parents need non-judgmental reassurance and guidance when getting to know their new babies. This includes help with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, soothing, infant care, instilling good sleep habits, emotional support, and overall assistance transitioning into parenthood. My work is like an on-going class with the emphasis on understanding your baby, meeting her needs, and not losing yourself in the process. As your postpartum doula I'm providing a continuity of care for your family in a way that is unique to the postpartum doula philosophy. If we think you need counseling support I will refer you to an appropriate mental health care professional in the area; if you're struggling with pelvic floor issues, I have the resources; need a lactation consultant, new moms support group, pediatric GI, babysitter, night nurse? I am your trusted starting point. That type of care continuity is specific to my style of providing postpartum support. Because of my previous work with the Postpartum Mood Disorder Initiative of NJ I am attuned to the red flags that may indicate a mood disorder (whether that's depression or anxiety.) Though I am not a therapist I am trained to recognize symptoms and refer you to the resources and help you may need. Studies show that when women are well-supported after giving birth they are less likely to endure a mood disorder.

Testimonial: "Jayne was an absolute lifesaver for me during the postpartum period! After our daughter was born, I was expecting the 'greatest experience of my life' and what I got was instant baby blues, sleep deprivation, and the stress of learning how to breastfeed. Out of desperation, I went on my mommy group on Facebook pleading for help and thankfully someone gave me Jayne's info. I felt instant relief when Jayne walked through the door. She has an extremely calming presence and was able to normalize everything that I was going through. She let me know that the rough period DOES end. Most importantly, she made my mental and physical health a priority, which isn't always the case for new moms when so much attention is given to the baby." -- DH, Long Island City, NY

A few words about formula feeding:  Please note that my approach as a postpartum doula is to put the new mom as the top priority. Many women I've worked with have opted not to breastfeed (for several reasons) or were not able to breastfeed (also for several different reasons.) I will never push you to do anything outside of your comfort zone, and if you choose formula (either as supplementation or 100% food source) I will help you find the best product out there so that you feel positive about the choice you've made for your baby. Remember we are in a very strong breastfeeding culture, and though this can have a positive impact by encouraging new mothers it can also create a great deal of stress, guilt and despair when it's not going well. My goal is to support you and help you feel truly confident as a new mom. 

Please note, I have had my current Flu Shot & tDAP.

NEW: The Mini Package 6 hours - $400 - just to get you over the hump of the first few weeks. Some women want the reassurance of a little help for the first month or two. With the Mini Package you have unlimited texting and approximately 3 or 4 visits, two hours or under. If at the end of the six hours you feel like you need more you can simply renew for another 6 or go "a la carte." 

Welcome Home Package:  12 hours used as you like, usually 2 to 3 hours per day, which need not be consecutive - $700. In many cases, the 12 hours span over two or three months, which is perfectly fine. Often parents see new challenges occur as their baby develops or as one partner goes back to work. I can be flexible with your needs so you never feel pressured into using up your time in a few weeks. Unlimited texting with questions and concerns is included.

Grande Package:  20 hours, typically 2 to 3 hours per day at a slightly lower hourly rate - $1,100. The benefit is you secure more of my time over three to five months, and we can "wean" you off more slowly. This gives you the ability to transition to motherhood gently while providing you with a maximum amount of support. Unlimited texting with questions and concerns is included. 

A la carte:  $65/hour no minimum. If you only need sleep advice with a baby less than 6 months old, this can be a helpful option. Sometimes one visit can give you the tools you might have been missing, which will result in better sleep for you and baby. Texting is not included. 

Text-Support:  Finished with your hours but still want my phone support? Text and phone add-on is $125 for a month's worth of swiftly answered questions. Nap schedules, sleep issues, growth spurts, pumping concerns, travel advice, work adjustments -- the questions never end, so keep in touch and I'll help ease your anxiety and/or refer you to the appropriate specialist. Add two in-person hours to this option for $215 total.

Sleep Coaching: Most families struggle with sleep as their babies go through a typical 4-month regression or are simply in the habit of waking several times per night. I can provide coaching and support during this time to improve night sleep and napping so that everyone feels better! Babies need to sleep and some need more guidance into healthy sleep patterns than others. I follow a very reasonable "Sleep Lady, Kim West" style of coaching which gently teaches your baby how to self-soothe into more solid sleep stretches. Consult ranges from $175-225 (for babies 4 mos to 1 year.)

 Consider asking a friend or relative to purchase a package for you - it's a wonderful gift.













Testimonial:  "I am using Jayne Freeman and went from frazzled & terrified to confident and calm after a few weeks of her coming over. She taught me how to read my babies cues, she takes walks with me, she listens and helps me manage my time and how to say no (probably the most challenging part of new motherhood for me) and she is an expert at breastfeeding. Not only that but she knows every neat product and baby hack out there - so thanks to her I actually get some sleep and some downtime. She really made my first few weeks so much better." -- CM, Hoboken, NJ
Read "If Only Everyone Had a Postpartum Doula" - NY TIMES  "Like other workers who provide intimate care, postpartum doulas become experts at navigating the delicate and the unsaid: a pregnant woman’s hopes, family expectations, nerves and the relationship between a baby’s parents."
What's the difference between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse?
Typically a baby nurse takes care of the baby and ONLY the baby, so she will not be assisting you with breastfeeding or tending to your needs as a new mother (you also have to feed her). A postpartum doula treats mom and baby as a unit with a flexible and individualized approach. A doula's job is to help ease both parents into their new roles with reassuring guidance and instruction each step of the way. The difference is probably best described by one of my clients: "I had a baby nurse and a postpartum doula. I was surprised at how the baby nurse never asked me if I needed lunch or really helped me make sense of new motherhood. Whereas my doula was happy to prep a meal, give me a foot massage, listen to all my fears and worries, and always taught me useful things about my newborn." -- JH, Jersey City, NJ 
When you purchase a package in advance you secure my time and I am able to give you priority during the first days home with your baby. With the "à la carte" choice I am unable to promise availability. Please email or call to discuss - I generally like to meet with my clients ahead of time if we haven't met already during a class.