Labor Support Doulas:

Bonu DeCaires  Very experienced, established doula

Catherine Stewart-Lindley & Terry Richmond: Very experienced, established doulas

Chantal Traub:  Very experienced, established doula

Mid-priced labor support doulas:

Tapestry Birth Collective


Becky Ofrane: Threshold Doulas,


Trang Oderdonk:


Dandelion Doulas, Natalie & Jordyn:


Laura Falzon



Julie Rosen


Emily Cohen-Moreira, 917-921-7733


Hummingbird Doulas

Britt Sando 201 317-6185 & Kathleen Whittam (973) 903-1442


Lynn Christensen 201-541-5616 (will do postpartum for her birth clients)

Lower/Flexible-Priced Doulas:

Tapestry Birth Collective has doulas in training, please inquire with them directly.

Don't Forget: Schedule a prenatal massage and/or learn how to do baby massage with Laura Lacey, Jersey City, NJ -