Childbirth Education Classes and Information:


ONE & DONE  Introducing my one-day condensed childbirth class for people who don't have time for a longer series. Quality information for first-time parents where the emphasis is on the labor process, coping measures & understanding hospital protocols. Special segment on making the best use of epidural medication while minimizing its side-effects.   

February:  Sunday 2/10 

March:  Sunday 3/10

April: Sunday 4/7

Cost (New price as of 1/1/2019): $225 (includes pregnant woman + partner/support person)
Where: Women's Health Center at Grove Street PATH Plaza, 116 Newark Ave. Jersey City
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Bring: Pillow and yoga or exercise mat
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Pediatrician Approved BABYCARE & FEEDING CLASS:  The only babycare & feeding class you'll need to take.  What do parents REALLY need to know about their newborn baby? Diapering, swaddling, bathing? That's the easy stuff. This class delivers the most important information on breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, formula, soothing techniques, sleep issues -- all the things that keep parents up at night. Special section on choosing your pediatric practice. 

January: Sunday 1/20 (10 - 1 pm)

February: Saturday 2/16 (10 - 1 pm) 

March: Saturday 3/16 (10 - 1 pm)

April: Sunday 4/14

Same location as above, NEW PRICE $120!  Bundle with One & Done = $320 for both!

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"Are all childbirth classes the same?" No. My classes are specifically tailored to your needs; plus I draw upon current information from all area hospitals (NJ & NY) and can give you inside information about local pediatric practices. Whether you want private or group instruction - I'm flexible and accommodating. 

 "Babycare Refresher for Grandparents" This private class, given in your home, is designed to help new parents & grandparents adjust to the developments, guidelines and practices that have changed since YOU were a baby. Participants tend to feel more comfortable knowing that the parents and grandparents are on the same page with taking care of a new baby. As one parent stated, "It's just easier for my mother to hear this information from a professional, instead of just from me! Saved me a lot of stress. Thank you." 

PRIVATE CHILDBIRTH, BREASTFEEDING & NEWBORN CARE CLASSES:  Take a class in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Email me directly, if you have questions:

Childbirth education classes are designed to take the stress and fear out of the birthing process and leave you feeling capable and empowered.

I have been teaching about pregnancy and birth for the past eight years and am certified by the Childbirth Education Association of Metro New York
(CEA/MNY). Their rigorous training program has provided me with additional skills via workshops, class audits and a mentoring program.

Birth, for many first-time parents, can seem daunting and difficult to imagine. But the more you know and understand about the birth process, the more relaxed and comfortable you'll feel going into it. If you reach me early in your pregnancy we can discuss what your vision of birth is like and I’ll help you find a practitioner and facility in keeping with your wishes. You may want a birthing center, a hospital or a home birth – each of these choices require knowledge and the ability to select your practitioner with care. My approach for teaching childbirth education is to help you become an informed consumer and to prepare you for what’s ahead.

The classes (private or group) will cover:

  • Stages of labor and birth
  • Pain management and partner support
  • Navigating hospital protocols
  • Medical procedures and interventions
  • Cesarean birth and prevention

Jayne gave us everything we could have wanted in a childbirth class and more. A wonderful no-agenda, evidence-based class run by a patient and knowledgeable teacher. I have been recommending this class to everyone I know who may need it. Thank you for helping us feel more prepared. - ER, NYC 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we need childbirth classes? After all, isn't birth something we just naturally know how to do?

The more information you have about labor and delivery, the less intimidated by the process you will feel. Most women have not been present at a birth before - and even ones they may have watched on TV do not typically depict a normal birth process. Taking a childbirth class gives you the tools to understand your practitioner better and to have a clearer idea about what may or may not happen. For example: How to time contractions? When to leave for the hospital? How to manage pain throughout the labor or before you receive an epidural? What happens if I'm induced? How do I avoid a c-section?

When is the best time to take childbirth classes? And will my insurance cover it?

The best time to take a class is in the beginning of your third trimester.  Ideally, I'd like to speak with couples at the start of their pregnancy so they can receive some insight and counseling on what type of practitioner (OB or midwife) best suits them as well as the appropriate setting for their birth (i.e. home, hospital, birthing center.) Feel free to contact me early in your process. Most insurance carriers will not cover childbirth education classes; but you can submit an invoice and see if they'll cover part of the expense, just in case. Classes are often covered as part of your flex spending program, however.

Is your class like a Lamaze class where you teach different breathing techniques?

Lamaze and Bradley are particular methods of childbirth education and their philosophies are included in what I teach. My approach is a "balanced blend" where the focus is on the birth process and all that comes with it, from the physiological to the emotional, not so much a particular technique.

How are your classes different from the ones taught at my local hospital?

Hospital classes sometimes follow the protocols dictated by the hospital itself, so you may not be getting the entire unbiased picture. You have rights as a patient and consumer; in my class I help you understand what it means to advocate for your care in a productive and respectful manner.

I'm pregnant with my second child and feel like I might need a refresher course, should I take your class?

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, birth does not unfold the way we expected it to.  Many women look for a different experience the second or third time around, whether it's for a VBAC or simply because they have a clearer idea about how they'd like to approach the second birth.  Even if you already know the stages of labor or how to time contractions, it's always helpful to reinforce that information. I will also focus on how to involve and include your older child into this new experience of being the "big sibling."  You can schedule private sessions with me so that the content is tailored to your needs and parental obligations or you can join the group and make some friends who are delivering around the same time as you are.