Welcome to Mamarama: Childbirth Educator and Postpartum Doula - I am a certified childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor and postpartum doula. As a postpartum doula my role is to help ease the transition into parenthood after the birth of your baby. This includes assistance with breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, emotional reassurance and practical advice for making life with a new baby less stressful. I also specialize in postpartum mental health, with a specific focus on supporting women through infant-feeding guilt. Every week, via Zoom, I host support groups for new moms, including a bi-weekly group for those struggling with postpartum mood & anxiety disorders. In addition to my postpartum work, I teach monthly childbirth education classes as well as newborn care and breastfeeding live online via Zoom (hopefully resuming in-person group sessions soon.)  

If you are newly pregnant and want to learn more about the birth options available to you, consider scheduling an in-person consult with me. Choosing a practitioner and birthing facility can be a daunting decision - particularly in the New York area. I can help you organize your options and make educated choices based on your preferences and utilizing over ten years experience in the field.

The name Mamarama comes from my former public access show about pregnancy and parenthood which debuted in 2003. I also write regular articles for The Jersey City Times

Interview by Honey and Moon Photography on how I started my childbirth journey. Click here.

Also, my petition to the PATH train regarding pregnant women and priority seating...was a success! PATH has now installed recorded announcements in their entire fleet of trains that will remind passengers to offer priority seating to "pregnant, elderly and disabled riders."  Read press on this story accessed through link.



Childbirth Ed with Snooki and JWoww

Click on link to view Mamarama clip with Snooki & Jenny

Click on link to view Mamarama clip with Snooki & Jenny

Chatting with the legendary Ina May Gaskin

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