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Mamarama: Postpartum Mood Disorders and New Jersey 

Last week, 34-year-old first time mom, Miriam Carey was fatally shot following a dangerous car chase in Washington D.C. Following this tragedy, Carey’s mother suggested that her daughter’s irrational and aggressive behavior was a result of untreated postpartum depression. Though this diagnosis is difficult to substantiate, it cannot be entirely ruled out as Carey was said to become emotionally unstable in the months following her August 2012 birth.

Postpartum mood disorders don’t generally make national…

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Home Birth: The Latest Trend in Jersey City? 

As a childbirth educator I frequently speak to pregnant couples around town – whether they are my clients or not.  One of the first things I ask is, “Where are you giving birth?” and the answer I’ve been hearing more and more often is: “At home.

Though home birth has seen a slight rise in popularity in the wake of “The Business of Being Born” (2008 documentary by Abby Epstein & Ricki Lake) it is still, for some, an unusual choice – one that harkens back to a different era.  In Jersey City we have access…

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Staunch Democrat Finds Herself in an Anti-Obama Ad 

 The other morning I woke up to some surreal information: “I think I just saw you in an Obama campaign ad!”

For a few heady hours I was under the impression that my image appeared in an ad supporting President Obama in the upcoming election. This was not entirely unlikely in that I am a stock photography model for an agency that specializes in regular “mom types.” This agency sells those images to various other agencies and occasionally my likeness pops up in TV ads, brochures, and websites – always to my…Read more

Boys and Their Guns 

The other day I was at a playground watching my friend’s son gather a swat team of boys while he shared his collection of toy guns and rifles. The team was assembled; the boys hashed-out the game rules and began their dramatic enactment of a siege or coup that I didn’t bother to understand.

What sparked my interest was when a dad of two involved boys came over with fire in his eyes. He firmly scolded the boys for touching the toy guns and demanded they put them down and leave the game. Not so surprising —…Read more

Are You Dad Enough? 

 There’s a media storm kicking up so much dirt and dust right now that I can barely see my Facebook timeline.

Hundreds of posts have appeared over the past 24 hours about TIME magazine’s provocative cover photo AND story – which appear to be two separate issues of debate and contention. 

Allow me to describe: We have an unlikely depiction of an “attachment parenting” mom nursing what appears to be a 7th grader. Okay, he’s not quite 4, but with clever art direction the sense is that of an older child…Read more

The Business of Better Sex-Ed 

 “So, when your daughters are 15, are you going to take them to the gyno and have them put on birth control?” my friend asked me recently over a shared omelet.

Before I could sputter a response, she went on: “I remember when I was in 9th grade, this one girl – you know, the type who lived in the modern section of town, with a tree growing out of her glassed-in foyer – her mom hauled her off to the gynecologist for birth control pills when she was 15.”

I nodded, trying to picture a tree growing inside the…Read more

Camping With My Ex-Husband: An Exercise In Tolerance… 

“You’re going camping with your EX HUSBAND?” my girlfriends squeal. “Are you crazy?”

I shrug it off saying simply, “Well, it’s a tradition now…”

My ex-husband, David, and I have been separated for over three years, so each summer when I announce that we’re going camping again folks continue to find this a surprising curiosity.

Neither David nor I wish to forfeit our annual camping trip with the kids, so we’ve agreed to uphold the tradition as a family. While everyone applauds us for being so…Read more

"Hey kids, it's time to read The Bible!" 

"Mommy how old were you the first time you DID sex?" my precocious seven-year-old asked. I burst out laughing and before I could answer, my eldest stepped in and said, "Oh! I know - just do the math! I'm nine so...counting pregnancy - it was about ten years ago."

This made me laugh even harder. I managed to side-step the question but I did explain that not everyone has sex in order to make a baby. That answer prompted this question: "So, how long do you have to DO sex for? Like just a few minutes? How do…Read more

How Do You Talk To YOUR Kids About SEX? 

" class="size_orig justify_inline border_" />For months, I’ve been attending workshops at Babeland, the women-friendly, sex-positive shop in New York City. In addition to the very popular workshop “Art of the Blow-Job” the store has an on-going “Sexy Moms Series” which I recommend to all parents.

Wednesday night’s free workshop was about “Raising Sex-Positive Kids”. Personally, I could hardly wait for this one and with good reason. Though I spend a lot of time exploring sexual intimacy in adult…Read more

Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born (an essay based on Tina Cassidy's book) 

Ever wonder WHY it's so hard for human beings to give birth? I mean, why does it have to be so difficult and carry on for hour after painful hour? Why have we worked hard to devise methods of pain relief and surgical procedures to "deliver" women from this burden? Is it something to truly be "delivered" from, as the term originally indicated?

One thing that is helpful to know, is that as Homo sapiens, we have a difficult time birthing because our pelvises are so narrow. Any wider, like our chimpanzee…Read more