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Mamarama: Postpartum Mood Disorders and New Jersey 

Last week, 34-year-old first time mom, Miriam Carey was fatally shot following a dangerous car chase in Washington D.C. Following this tragedy, Carey’s mother suggested that her daughter’s irrational and aggressive behavior was a result of untreated postpartum depression. Though this diagnosis is difficult to substantiate, it cannot be entirely ruled out as Carey was said to… Read more

Home Birth: The Latest Trend in Jersey City? 

As a childbirth educator I frequently speak to pregnant couples around town – whether they are my clients or not.  One of the first things I ask is, “Where are you giving birth?” and the answer I’ve been hearing more and more often is: “At home.” Though home birth has seen a slight rise in popularity in the wake of “The Business of Being Born” (2008 documentary by Abby Epstein… Read more

Staunch Democrat Finds Herself in an Anti-Obama Ad 

 The other morning I woke up to some surreal information: “I think I just saw you in an Obama campaign ad!” For a few heady hours I was under the impression that my image appeared in an ad supporting President Obama in the upcoming election. This was not entirely unlikely in that I am a stock photography model for an agency that specializes in regular “mom types.” This… Read more

Boys and Their Guns 

The other day I was at a playground watching my friend’s son gather a swat team of boys while he shared his collection of toy guns and rifles. The team was assembled; the boys hashed-out the game rules and began their dramatic enactment of a siege or coup that I didn’t bother to understand. What sparked my interest was when a dad of two involved boys came over with fire in his eyes. He firmly scolded… Read more

Are You Dad Enough? 

 There’s a media storm kicking up so much dirt and dust right now that I can barely see my Facebook timeline. Hundreds of posts have appeared over the past 24 hours about TIME magazine’s provocative cover photo AND story – which appear to be two separate issues of debate and contention. 

Allow me to describe: We have an unlikely depiction of an “attachment parenting” mom nursing what appears to be a… Read more

The Business of Better Sex-Ed 

 “So, when your daughters are 15, are you going to take them to the gyno and have them put on birth control?” my friend asked me recently over a shared omelet. Before I could sputter a response, she went on: “I remember when I was in 9th grade, this one girl – you know, the type who lived in the modern section of town, with a tree growing out of her glassed-in foyer – her mom hauled her off… Read more

Camping With My Ex-Husband: An Exercise In Tolerance… 

“You’re going camping with your EX HUSBAND?” my girlfriends squeal. “Are you crazy?” I shrug it off saying simply, “Well, it’s a tradition now…” My ex-husband, David, and I have been separated for over three years, so each summer when I announce that we’re going camping again folks continue to find this a surprising curiosity. Neither David nor I wish… Read more

"Hey kids, it's time to read The Bible!" 

"Mommy how old were you the first time you DID sex?" my precocious seven-year-old asked. I burst out laughing and before I could answer, my eldest stepped in and said, "Oh! I know - just do the math! I'm nine so...counting pregnancy - it was about ten years ago." This made me laugh even harder. I managed to side-step the question but I did explain that not… Read more

How Do You Talk To YOUR Kids About SEX? 

[/img]For months, I’ve been attending workshops at Babeland, the women-friendly, sex-positive shop in New York City. In addition to the very popular workshop “Art of the Blow-Job” the store has an on-going “Sexy Moms Series” which I recommend to all parents. Wednesday night’s free workshop was about “Raising Sex-Positive Kids”. Personally, I could hardly wait for this one and with… Read more